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Connect. Collaborate. Accomplish.

How are you overcoming the language barrier?

LinguistLink is a collaboration tool that allows you to provide meaningful access to your products and services for everyon

Popular Features

  • Simple way to request projects
  • Create custom forms
  • Review and Approve requests
  • Directly connect to linguists and vendors

  • Collaborate on projects
  • Direct messaging conversations
  • Add reviews to public profiles
  • Project budget tracking

  • Custom profiles
  • Email notifications
  • Dedicated Phone Support
  • Monthly Status Reports

“[Thanks to LinguistLink]. . .our families have been participating so much more in school functions, forums, conferences, etc. And on the flip side, the district is seeing our students from this demographic groups doing so much better in school. So it’s really making a difference.”

Language Access Coordinator

Lebanon Community Schools

“During this year’s Parent Teacher Conferences, our team was able to delegate roles to coordinate conferences, the LinguistLink system allow us to stayed connected and on task. We were able to pull reports and prioritize areas to ensure we were equitably distributing resources in the communities.”

Language Access Director

Portland Public Schools